TATL #34: Misconceptions about CLT Part 4 "Error Correction"

Main Content: Emily and Roger continue their discussion on CLT. This time the focus is on 'focusing on pedagogy' and the important difference between "Oh Really?" and "Oh Yeah!".

What's In My Bag? (WIMB?):

Emily: "I don't like purses. So I use this kind of wallet to carry my credit cards, my pen, and my iPhone."


Roger: "I love these adhesive bookmark ribbons so I can find my place in my journal. I couldn't find the ones I bought while on an overseas trip, but these look to be the closest thing to it."

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TATL #12: Speaking Warm-ups Part 2

Main Content

Emily and Roger continue to talk about speaking warm-ups with an added focus on higher level learners. Ideas include planning a series of questions related to the textbook topic, editing sentences, and using post-its to collect student-generated questions.


Emily: Blue Tape 

Roger: Jansport Burrito Shaped Canvas Bag (outside) (inside)

TATL #11: Speaking Warm-ups Part 1

Main Content

Emily and Roger discuss about speaking warm-ups: the purpose, the problem, and possible solutions. Such warm-ups are effective in helping students get into the English mindset and be excited for class. The problem is that students are disinterested or the questions lack a meaningful context. As a result, students may know how to answer them but they have no idea when to practically use them outside of the classroom. Emily and Roger each provide a simple idea that can be easily applied into your classroom.


Emily: Isojin Gargle

Roger: Uniqlo Down Sweater