TATL #34: Misconceptions about CLT Part 4 "Error Correction"

Main Content: Emily and Roger continue their discussion on CLT. This time the focus is on 'focusing on pedagogy' and the important difference between "Oh Really?" and "Oh Yeah!".

What's In My Bag? (WIMB?):

Emily: "I don't like purses. So I use this kind of wallet to carry my credit cards, my pen, and my iPhone."


Roger: "I love these adhesive bookmark ribbons so I can find my place in my journal. I couldn't find the ones I bought while on an overseas trip, but these look to be the closest thing to it."

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TATL #33: Misconceptions about CLT Part 3 "Error Correction"

Main Content:

Roger and Emily continue to discuss about CLT focusing on Error Correction and Students' Emotional States. The challenge is to not only inform your students what the error correction ground rules are, but also be aware of each student's emotional capacity to be able to receive error correction. We need to operate with a framework that Emily and Roger begin to develop.

What on your movie list?

Emily: Plastic snack containers. Let's save the environment again. 

Roger: Canon 50mm 1.8 Fixed lens for Sony A6000 mirrorless system. "Constraint is freedom."