TATL #42: Meetings Meetings Meetings

Main Content: Emily and Roger talk about meetings. The good, the bad and the faculty-type.

What's In My Bag? (WINB)

Emily has Grip Tape in her bag to secure her hands to her slippery phone case.

Roger has a new app to explore. It's called Clips by Apple-sorry Android users. It is sort of between the video recording app and iMOVIE. Roger Suggests downloading and also checking out imore.com's article on how to use it. 

TATL #40: Practice does NOT make perfect

Main Content:

Emily and Roger talk about the educational "white whale" called EFFORT. 

What's In Our Bag?

Emily: Hunter brand rainboots. She wants 'em, 'cuz she doesn't have 'em.

Link: http://us.hunterboots.com/female-tall-rain-boots/womens-original-tall-rain-boots/yellow/2632

Roger: Actually, Roger boldly proclaimed that he was not going to take an umbrella in his bag to the TESOL convention in Seattle next week. Let's see if 'trying to be local' works. Here's the link to Seattle's weather for the next several days.

 This is a shot Roger took of leaves after the rain.

Link: https://weather.com/weather/today/l/Seattle+WA+USWA0395:1:US

TATL #39: "What To Look Forward To?"

Main Content: 

Emily and Roger talk about ways to deal with students' behaviors as the term finishes. Some students exhibit anxiety, while others go into 'begging-mode' asking for favors regarding grades. 

Emily shares a clever way to help minimize the stress caused by these students, all the while being fair to the other students who don't manifest these behaviors.

What Are You Listening To Now?

Emily is listening to the jazzy hip hop song 'Je La Soul' by Hocus Pocus

Link: https://youtu.be/ThOZA_h2QmY

Roger is listening to the very '80s song 'Voices Carry' by 'Till Tuesday.

Link: https://youtu.be/ZP9DbEIm7ns

As always, ask us anything, tell us anything at askingtatl@gmail.com

TATL #38: "Guest Podcaster" Michele Talks About Simulations

Main Content

Emily and Roger ask Michele, another English teacher, how she implements extended 'role-plays' in her class. She calls them 'simulations' and the idea for a longer role-play has some great advantages. Enjoy!

What's In My Bag? (WINB)

Michele shares what's in her bag and it looks wooden.

"Keva blocks"