TATL #27: Field Tripping

Main Content

Emily and Roger discuss the benefits of going on and organizing field trips. They also offer tips on pre- and post-field trip activities to make sure that the trip is more than just a trip.

WOMD? (What's On My Desk?)


A giant sketch pad for preparing talks. (Strathmore 14"x17" Sketch link: http://www.michaels.com/strathmore-400-series-sketch-pad/M10012254.html#start=4)


A birthday gift of an art piece from a dear friend. (Etsy link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MysteryBarnTradingCo )

TATL #26: To Share or Not to Share

Main Content

Emily and Roger discuss the challenges of sharing their lessons, activities, and resources with other teachers. Roger thinks it depends on who you share your hard work with. There are 'moochers' out there. They are the ones that make it harder for people who want to share, but feel angry that some teachers take advantage of it. When there is mutual sharing, magic happens. 

WIMB (What's In My Bag?)

Roger: Music Memo App (iOS only)

Emily: Key Card Stretchy thingy.

TATL #25: Using Music in Class (Part 2)

Main Content

There are specific songs with lyrics for teaching grammar-website (tefltunes.com)

We have a few activities:

Emily: "instrumental journaling"

Roger:"cut up the lyrics"

Tom's Diner plus homework


Emily: DJ Okawari (https://youtu.be/Bm-Ijm5X84w)

Roger: KUSC Classical Music Commercial Free (http://kusc.org/)

TATL #24: Using Music in Class (Part 1)

Main Content:  Emily and Roger talk about how they use music in class. Emily shared a great idea to get a list of her students' favorite songs and then she finds them and plays them during break time. Really Cool! Roger plays music in class before it starts to create a comfortable atmosphere. There are more tips and ideas discussed in this always nearly 10-minute segment. 

WIMB: (What's in My Bag?)


Dill Pickle Popcorn from Trader Joes


Coffee (and TEA) Pour Over Infuser Thingy from Daiso

TATL #22: Thinking About the End

Main Content:  Emily and Roger reflect on how they conduct the last class of the term, encourage students who are going onto other paths, and leave a long-lasting impression.

WIMB: (What's in my bag?)


I use plastic, reusable folders with cute characters on them to keep my import documents from wrinkling.


I have this slim, reusable water bottle made by Memobottle.
Memobottle - Reusable Slim Water Bottle - Made from Recycled BPA Free Plastic - 750ml/375ml- memo bottle 
by memobottle 
Link: https://amzn.com/B011Q2UF4G

TATL #21: Special Edition: Interview with Shuhei

Main Content:  Emily and Roger talk with Shuhei H. He is an English teacher in Japan who teaches at a night high school. He shares some challenges, but also a very important classroom activity type that he has found to be very effective for these very special students.

WIMB: (What's in my bag?)

Shuhei: Shuhei shared a very unique journal book. It is a 3-year parallel journal that is keyed by date. This means that when he writes a journal entry for a particular day, he can look back on his journal entry for the exact day a year ago. He says it is a great way to look at how his viewpoint has changed (or stayed the same) over the past three years.

TATL #20: Analog Your Schedule

Main Content:  Emily and Roger talk about having full schedules and how they use different ways to organize what they need to do every day. They also discuss what is successful or not successful.

WIMB: (What's in my bag?)

Emily: A ripped calendar - For really busy quarters, I use free calendars sent by various charity organizations.
Physician's Formula Liquid Eyeliner (purchase)

Roger: Here's a snapshot of Roger's calendar drawn in a Zequenz notebook. He used Frixion erasable pens, Kurecolor markers (Warm Gray 2) to create it. Also, here's the article by Belle Beth Cooper on analog scheduling and calendaring that Roger talked about.

TATL #19: From ESL Teacher to Teacher Trainer

Main Content:  Emily and Roger interview a guest TATLer, Helen, who talks about her transition from being an ESL teacher to a Teacher trainer. Helen shares a little about the differences, how has it affected her ESL teaching, frustrations, and gives some great advice.

WIMB: (What's in my bag?)

Helen: Tide ToGo Pen (http://tide.com/en-us/shop/type/stain-removers/tide-to-go) and Viva la Juicy (https://www.amazon.com/Juicy-Couture-Viva-Parfum-Spray/dp/B002XQ1YTK)