TATL #29: Infinite Accessibility

Main Content: 

Emily and Roger discuss the challenge of making our created content "infinitely accessible". Teachers create great content, we want access to this and we want to keep sharing it with our former, current and future students. There are social media tools available to keep in touch with students, but what about tools that help us share and distribute content to our expanding student audience? 

Emily mentions that using LMS's (learning management tools), and specifically Schoology, can be effective 'after' a course is finished. After she finishes a course, she leaves the course open, and so anyone with a link and a code could access some or all of her content. 

Roger mentions that 'tagging' is super important. Just as instagram and twitter use hashtags # to categorize posts, we teachers can 'tag' our content with useful descriptors to help others find content. He also mentions that we need to reduce 'look-up fatigue' in our students. That is to say, make it easier for outsiders, former students, anyone, to find the content they need for their learning. 

Other useful blogging/information platforms: 




Tools to help send big files:

Microsoft One Drive

Apple iCloud



WAWLT (What Are We Listening Too?):

Emily: When I need inspiration, or when I want to imagine that I am a Benedictine monk about to be killed for just saying 'Hi', I play this tune. Very evocative, somber piece played perfectly by the cello master himself Yo Yo Ma. 

Ennio Morricone "The Mission" played by Yo Yo Ma. Link

Roger: I like rhythm, especially rhythm that is syncopated and surprising. This song has this and the lyrics are chilling, honest and desperate.

Twenty-One Pilots "Addict With a Pen" Link