TATL #21: Special Edition: Interview with Shuhei

Main Content:  Emily and Roger talk with Shuhei H. He is an English teacher in Japan who teaches at a night high school. He shares some challenges, but also a very important classroom activity type that he has found to be very effective for these very special students.

WIMB: (What's in my bag?)

Shuhei: Shuhei shared a very unique journal book. It is a 3-year parallel journal that is keyed by date. This means that when he writes a journal entry for a particular day, he can look back on his journal entry for the exact day a year ago. He says it is a great way to look at how his viewpoint has changed (or stayed the same) over the past three years.

TATL #20: Analog Your Schedule

Main Content:  Emily and Roger talk about having full schedules and how they use different ways to organize what they need to do every day. They also discuss what is successful or not successful.

WIMB: (What's in my bag?)

Emily: A ripped calendar - For really busy quarters, I use free calendars sent by various charity organizations.
Physician's Formula Liquid Eyeliner (purchase)

Roger: Here's a snapshot of Roger's calendar drawn in a Zequenz notebook. He used Frixion erasable pens, Kurecolor markers (Warm Gray 2) to create it. Also, here's the article by Belle Beth Cooper on analog scheduling and calendaring that Roger talked about.