TATL #6: Blogging

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What is blogging?

3 sizes:     

Small: "Microblog" Twitter, Tumblr

Medium: "a page or so"

Large: "'long form" for magazines (for writers who have skills)

Types: images, texts, links

Purpose: Diary/Journal, CMS (course management system, publications (talk about something you’re good at)

How can teachers use blogs?

Emily’s walkabout:

1) Teacher #1: Digital Portfolio - includes teacher resume, sample lesson plans, projects + results, pictures (great for job interviews)

2) Teacher #2: CMS (Course Management System) - Moodle.com, Coursera.org, etc. Emily uses blogs to post her lesson agenda to save time instead of writing the agenda at the beginning of class every day. It can also serve as a reference for students who don’t come to class or for Emily when she wants to look back to what she did.

List of possible blog creation sites to check out:

FREE: Pinterest.com, Blogger.com, Learnist.com, Wordpress.com, Tumblr.com, Weebly.com

PAID: Squarespace.com, Posthaven.com

What's In My Bag?

Emily: Thin Addictives (http://nonnis.com/products/thinaddictives/)

Roger: Frixion Pen from Pilot (http://pilotpen.us/brands/frixion/)