TATL #37: 10 Ways Teachers Can Show Their Love To Their Students

Main Content: Emily and Roger talk about 10 ways teachers can show their love to their students. Here they are!

1. Give them Valentine's Day cards.

2. Bake for them.

3. Smile and make eye contact.

4. Ask: "Are you OK?" instead of "Why weren't you here yesterday?!"

5. Really listen to their questions.

6. Turn back homework graded in a timely matter.

7. Make lessons as interactive as possible.

8. Handle difficult students patiently and with grace.

9. Be genuine.

10. Do not play favorites in class.

Do YOU have a list? Do you have have a different way to show love to your students? Please send us an email at:


WTSHSUL "Ways That Students Have Shown Us Love"

Emily: Hello Kitty stuffed animal (with glasses).

Roger: A cool Frixion Multi-Pen by Pilot.